Motor Points and Meridians Chart

Motor Points and Meridians Wall Chart

Motor Points and Meridians Wall Chart

This full-color laminated 27×32 chart comes ready to hang with two durable eyelets. It provides the practitioner with:

  • Superficial and deep views of detailed muscle anatomy.
  • Anterior and posterior views of the body.
  • Over 100 motor point locations.
  • Easy to read, color-coded acupuncture points and meridians.
  • Instructive needle technique diagrams specifically for motor points.

Price: $40.00

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Motor Point Index (MPI)


This beautiful, full-color 152 page reference guide includes 128 muscle drawings clearly indicating motor point locations with acupuncture points and anatomical landmarks.

Each muscle page lists:

  • Action(s) of the muscle.
  • Motor point location and needling technique.
  • Huatuojiaji points level with the muscle’s innervating spinal segment.
  • Antagonist muscle(s)
  • Indications for the use of the motor point.

Digital Format Now Available to Download

Price: $0.00


Posture Grid Posture Grid

This 43.5″ x 84″ (3.75 x 7 ft.) Postural Assessment Grid is printed on durable and flexible outdoor vinyl with two 1/4 inch grommets for ease of hanging. A 3/4 inch black border frames the grid and comes with heavy-duty stitching to eliminate curling of the edges.

This postural grid has been specifically designed for a quick and easy visual assessment for both static and functional postural assessments.
With an attractive cream-colored background, 4 inch squares and a 1/2 inch center plumb line provides the practitioner with easy visual assessment to assess postural deviations.

This postural grid can fit into almost any assessment room and does not require floor space for set up.

Total weight of this grid is 3 lbs (48 oz.)

Price: $150.00

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