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AcuSport Education & Sports Medicine Acupuncture

Home of the Most Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture Certification Program Available
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The most advanced orthopedic and sports acupuncture training certification program available.

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Designed to provide advanced level sports acupuncture training in the assessment and treatment of sports, work and orthopedic injuries.

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These courses provide foundational sports medicine acupuncture assessment & treatment protocols.

Foundational Learning

Many participants take these sports acupuncture training courses to prepare themselves for the SMAC Program.

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Individual CEU sports acupuncture training classes are available in the SMAC Program and the SMA Foundational Courses.

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There are many sports acupuncture training CEU courses to choose from:

SMAC Program

Foundational Courses


An information and resource page for practitioners who have successfully completed the SMAC Program.

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Educational information to lead you onward and upward that includes pertinent articles and latest news.

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What Our Graduates Say

I was pleased that the program placed a large emphasis on TCM in assessment and treatment of meridians, sinew channels and even zang-fu diagnosis was discussed as it ties in with musculoskeletal injuries. A true blend of TCM and Sports Medicine. My patient load has tripled, I applaud this program!
Jackie Parra, L.Ac.

Thank you for your fantastic, inspiring and motivating program that has combined TCM with western medicine so elegantly. I have learned so much about the human body and how the musculoskeletal system functions. You have inspired my confidence in understanding muscle function and when to apply orthopedic tests to help identify an injury. This program has made me a much better acupuncturist with all of the different needle techniques we learned and practiced. The travel from Oslo, Norway was well worth it.”

Hege Fagerlund, L.Ac, C.SMA

“Through the SMAC program, I have acquired the tools to work in a way that produces clear results – results both me and my patients can see. I’ve always enjoyed practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine but your instruction has elevated my interest to a whole new level. No secret that I applaud this program!”

Greg Lewerenz , L.Ac., C.SMA

“I would like to express my deepest respect to what you have done. Very rarely had I seen a combination of deep knowledge in anatomy with high level of understanding of TCM channel and meridian theories and practice. It is amazing what you have linked together in these 2 very different worlds. The program has helped me the most in getting much more detailed and precise with assessments and treatments. Thank you again.”

Xin Xia , L.Ac.

“The SMAC program has reinvigorated my practice. The knowledge I’ve gained in the program has given me new tools to diagnose and treat my clients. The SMAC techniques are extraordinarily effective. Word of my effectiveness is spreading, and my practice has become busier than ever. Matt Callison and his staff are highly knowledgeable and teach the information in an easy to follow format. If you are serious about assessing and treating sports and work related injuries, no program will take your further than SMAC.”

Charlie Roach , L.Ac.

“When I began the SMAC program, I had been licensed for less than a year and I was barely seeing 10 patients per week. Once I began incorporating what I learned from this program into my practice, I am now seeing 25-30 patients a week. I even had a patient tell me that I nailed her diagnosis and treatment plan before her physical therapist did! Thank you!”

Keri A. Jones, L.Ac.
“As an acupuncturist who works with athletes, from the professional to the weekend warrior, I have found that this course is the perfect synthesis of western and eastern thinking. It is the perfect complement to the traditional Chinese Medicine way of treating the whole person.”
Meghan Cowens de Sturdze, L.Ac.

“I really, really enjoyed taking the SMAC program. In addition to learning so much about sports medicine, classic old school needling and traditional Chinese medicine theories integrated with sports medicine acupuncture, the opportunity of learning and practicing from Matt Callison and his faculty was truly a great experience…the SMAC program rocks!!”

Kevin Menard, L.Ac.
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