Tx. of Adolescent Injury Then and Now

In a recently published article is a research study of 3000, 5 yr. old children that consume 1 or more energy drinks per day. The results found that aggression and behavioral problems were increased. This study states the obvious but brings a clinical note to mind that I would like to share. I am sure other practitioners have found patients that consume energy drinks are different in injury presentation than from the years past. Today, it is a common question for me to ask “Do you consume energy drinks and how many per week?”  not only to the adolescent but for young adult patient as well. In my opinion, and in reflecting upon clinical years of the past, the frequency of Liver related influences to the injury presentation and rehabilitation was not as commonly as seen today. 
I find even 2 energy drinks per week (at least what was reported) bring can affect a patients rehabilitation. Simply eliminating energy drinks from the diet can change treatment prognosis. It would be an interesting study to research adductor range of motion before and after a 3 week diet of energy drinks. From my experience, the results would be significant. Also, consider the effect of energy drinks when treating spondylolisthesis or other kidney jing deficient related pathologies.
Here is the link to the abstract: Oh yes, the last line is an interesting one: “Although this study cannot identify the exact nature of the association between soft drink consumption and problem behaviors, limiting or eliminating a child’s soft drink consumption may reduce behavioral problems.”
There are so many minds that could benefit with from the knowledge about the wonderful clinical applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine and relevant for today’s society.



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