3-Day Cadaver Lab for the Acupuncturist Reviews & Summary

3-Day Cadaver Lab for the Acupuncturist Reviews & Summary | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COM

I had a unique opportunity recently to help Brian Lau and Matt Callison in a 3-day Cadaver Dissection Lab. Michellle Valhakis and I assisted as Matt and Brian instructed students in the dissection.

I have participated in previous dissections, but what made this one unique was that it was geared entirely towards acupuncture.

The dissection was reinforced with in-depth discussions of the sinew channel connections. We also had time to practice the needling techniques for the various structures we studied. This combination reinforced all the information covered during the weekend.

3-Day Cadaver Lab for the Acupuncturist Reviews & Summary | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COMI continue to enjoy taking part in cadaver dissections as I think it best demonstrates the tangibility of Chinese medicine. As an assistant, I felt fortunate to have been able to share that with others in my field.

Here are some of the great 3-Day Cadaver Lab for the Acupuncturist reviews we received from the students taking this dissection lab:

“Feeling so thankful for this experience! Y’all have gone above and beyond to educate, assist and support us as we embark on this journey of self betterment. I’m excited to apply this experience and knowledge I’ve gained from the cadaver lab dissection into my treatments of patients and into life itself!. Thank you so much!!!”

“Incredible information and effort by all presenters – as well as being supportive, available for endless questions and always enthusiastic. This was a very powerful experience that will serve me moving forward as a practitioner.”

“Matt continues to develop his teaching skills in leaps and bounds and presents new applicable and pertinent information with each class. Brian provides invaluable information in tandem with Matt and deepens the concepts of utility in fascial relationships with great clarity. Thank you Both!”

“The class covered an enormous amount of material. With practice,  I can process through the material and apply it to my patients. Amazing exploration!”

“One of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had!!! Incredibly professionally executed and all instructors were extremely positive, helpful and knowledgeable. Matt and Brian’s passion showed in their teaching. I loved all of the acupuncture needling we did not only on the cadavers but also on each other to help reinforce the material. I can’t wait to practice on my patients because now I feel I have x-ray vision!!!! Thank you!!! I am excited to take more classes with AcuSport!”

“I came to this course thinking I was going to just learn a few things about anatomy. I was pleasantly surprised that we did so much more and the course presented a thorough dissection of the specimens. I actually learned much more than just anatomy but channels systems and acupuncture protocols. This was the best acupuncture anatomy course I have ever taken, Hands down!”

“Loved the dissection and the instructors were incredible, the acupuncture points and practice locked it all in. Thank you!!!”

“I would have liked the handouts earlier so that I could have studied more before class. Thank you for an amazing learning experience!!!”

“100 stars, so grateful. Can’t wait for the next one. You all are AWESOME!”

“This type of seminar/experience is irreplaceable, a must have for acupuncturists. It is a game changer for gaining knowledge base in practice and in life! I highly recommend it to all acupuncturists!”

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