Acupuncture and Sinew Channel Research

As a graduate of the SMAC Program, you have access to this Acupuncture and Sinew Channel Research video library. We hope these videos are helpful to you in your sports medicine acupuncture practice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Because these videos are age-restricted, you will need to login to your Google account first, then click on the “Watch on YouTube” link on each video thumbnail to view it.

UB Sinew Channel Biceps Femoris-Peroneus Longus (Motor Point Acupuncture)
ST channel: Vastus Lateralis Motor Point Location
Extra Point Jingbi on Cadaver Specimen
Anterior Knee Points (Acupuncture on Cadaver Specimen)
Gallbladder Sinew Channel GB 31-GB 34 (on Cadaver Specimen)
LI Sinew Channel for Lateral Epicondylitis

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