About Brian Lau and Matt Callison

Matt Callison is the creator and president of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program. He has been combining sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 26 years. He is the author of the Motor Point and Acupuncture Meridians Chart, the Motor Point Index, The Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook and many articles on the combination of sports medicine and TCM.

Medial Epicondylitis and the Heart Channel Sinews

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Medial epicondylitis frequently occurs in activities that require repetitive shortening and lengthening (eccentric and concentric) contractions of the wrist flexors, which occur in activities of daily living, as well as in golf and throwing sports. Avid rock climbers, in whom this condition is referred to as climber’s elbow, are also susceptible to developing medial epicondylitis.

C.SMA of the Month (November 2018)

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Alexis Goldstein, L.Ac., C.SMA   Alexis Goldstein is a Portland sports medicine acupuncturist that holds our C.SMA designation. She has had the honor of treating many Olympic and elite track and field athletes, and for the past two years has worked alongside the medical and training staff of the NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers. They

C.SMA of the Month (October 2018)

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Ian Dunsmuir R.Ac., B.Sc. (Kin), C.SMA   Ian Dunsmuir is a Vancouver sports medicine acupuncturist who has treated over 3,000 people and performed more than 20,000 treatments, focusing on sports injuries and acute and chronic pain. He is one of the instructors of our Foundational Seminars in Canada. Says Ian: "I have been using the sports medicine

Acupuncture for Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)

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From professional to recreational sports, running is a common activity in which tibial stress syndrome becomes a primary complaint of lower leg pain. In treating this syndrome for over 15 years from both a western and eastern view, the author felt the importance of performing a study on this frequent injury. The research described below was designed to answer the basic question: Over the duration of the study, did athletes who received acupuncture perceive a decrease in shin splint pain and increase in activity level compared to athletes who received standard treatment?

Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Lateral Epicondylitis

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This Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Lateral Epicondylitis blog is a modified excerpt from the soon to be released Sports Medicine Acupuncture: An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine by Matt Callison. Figure 1. Lateral epicondylitis is marked by pronounced tenderness at the tendinous attachment on the lateral epicondyle. Lateral epicondylitis

C.SMA of the Month (September 2018)

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Oliver Leonetti, L.Ac., C.SMA   Oliver is one of our sports medicine acupuncturists in Portland, Oregon. Find out how the SMA program enhanced his practice: “The SMAC program greatly expanded my available skill set and knowledge base. It opened the doors to more in-depth exploration of anatomy, physiology and the powerful effects of acupuncture.  I have

C.SMA of the Month (August 2018)

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Christopher C. Randle MS, L.Ac., C.SMA   Christopher is one of our sports medicine acupuncturists in Oakland, California. He describes how his practice has transformed since beginning the SMAC program in 2015 and how this training has greatly enhanced his skills as an acupuncturist in the various venues where he practices: “Even though I had

Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Dysfunction

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Figure A. UB 26 and UB27 are located in very close proximity to the sacroiliac joint. The PSIS covers approximately the upper half of the sacroiliac joint. Sacroiliac joint pain (SIJ) is a common injury, which the patient will often seek help from an acupuncturist. This brief article will present a basic Sports

C.SMA of the Month (July 2018)

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Cybil Kendrick, L.Ac., LMT, C.SMA   Cybil Kendrick is one of our sports medicine acupuncturists in Denver, Colorado. She writes about how her current job was given to her because of her SMAC training:  “I work in a chiropractic office where they specialize in sports medicine and what drew the chiropractor to me was my

C.SMA of the Month (June 2018)

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Brett Rabin, L.Ac., C.SMA   Brett Rabin completed the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) program in 2015, the same year he became the Acupuncturist for the San Diego Padres. He utilizes Sports Medicine Acupuncture alongside MLB athletic and medical training staff in the on-going evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of professional baseball players of the San