Case Studies

Mr. Miyagi and the Misaligned Fibular Head

By Sean Davis|February 21st, 2024|Assessment & Treatment, Case Studies, Featured, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Miyagi in the clinic. Today, I had a patient come in who I hadn't seen for a few years. He starts the treatment by praising me for fixing his Achilles tendinopathy when I saw him last time after

A Testament to Sports Medicine Acupuncture Education

By Uzi Chen|February 2nd, 2023|Assessment & Treatment, Case Studies|

I just wanted to take a moment and say "Thank you." Here's a testament for the power of sports medicine acupuncture education and a peek at how it helped us at San Diego Sports Acupuncture steer patients in the right clinical direction. Below

Treating Hip Asymmetry with Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

By Sean Davis|May 28th, 2021|Assessment & Treatment, Case Studies, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Treating hip asymmetry is part of what I would call the bread and butter of Sports Medicine Acupuncture®. When a patient comes in with low back pain, knee pain, leg pain, or sometimes even neck and shoulder pain, one of the first things we

A Case Study Using the Hua Tuo Arc

By Darren Maynard|May 4th, 2021|Case Studies, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

I would like to acknowledge and thank both Matt Callison and Jeremy Steiner for their tireless work and dedication to advancing this medicine. This article is combining the work from Matt Callison and the SMAC program training and also lessons learned from Jeremy Steiner

Telemedicine Guide: A Low Back Pain Case Study

By Matt Callison and Brian Lau|April 9th, 2020|Case Studies, Featured|

This article and the accompanying video are meant to share our experience with developing, designing and working through the logistical issues of a telemedicine consultation. Our goal is to help practitioners learn a different way to help their patients during these challenging

Sports Medicine Acupuncture for Knee Pain

By Jay Bulloch, DAOM, L.Ac., C.SMA|November 30th, 2019|Case Studies, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Do you suffer from chronic pain, recurring injuries, or an old injury that just doesn’t seem to heal? Or, maybe you have a chronically sore neck or lower back pain from spending all day in front of a computer before a long drive home.

Case Study: Correcting Severe Antalgic Posture & Gait

By Uzi Chen|April 30th, 2019|Case Studies, Featured|

Purpose of this Antalgic Posture & Gait Study The purpose in sharing this Sports Medicine Acupuncture® case study on correcting severe antalgic posture and gait is threefold: To show you that people with severe debilitating conditions can reclaim back their health and life. To

An Amazing Story of Acupuncture Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion

By Matt Callison|April 2nd, 2019|Case Studies, Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles|

The video for this blog post is of an Extraordinary Vessel treatment protocol using inter-dermal needles to increase shoulder range of motion in an individual that has not had complete range in shoulder abduction for over 24 years. In 1995, Autum Kirgan, L.Ac., was

Acupuncture for Hip Pain: A Sports Medicine Acupuncture® Approach

By Jay Bulloch, DAOM, L.Ac., C.SMA|April 27th, 2018|Case Studies, Featured, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Many people who suffer chronic pain or ongoing injuries struggle to find a long-term solution. Sports Medicine Acupuncture is a revolutionary method of treatment that incorporates principals from both Western Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine into a truly integrated system. It can succeed

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