Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles

The Channels and their Functional Movement Patterns

By |March 1st, 2023|Channel Sinews (Jingjin), Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles, News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

One of the features of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture program is the emphasis on the channel sinews or jingjin. These are highlighted in dissection classes, but also in the assessment & treatment and corrective exercise classes. The jingjin are an important part of

Exercise Prescription for the Acupuncturist — Elevated Ilium and Medial Knee Pain: A Channel Sinew Perspective

By |December 2nd, 2020|Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Figure 1. The practitioner places both hands over the highest point of each ilium and observes the relative hand placement to determine if there is an elevated ilium. Rehabilitative exercise is a comprehensive science based on a

Acupuncture During Rehabilitative Exercise

By |July 30th, 2020|Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles|

The following is an excerpt from the author’s textbook, Sports Medicine Acupuncture: An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Among all the different tools of acupuncture, press needles, also known as intra-dermal needles, provide the practitioner with a unique and effective

An Amazing Story of Acupuncture Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion

By |April 2nd, 2019|Case Studies, Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles|

The video for this blog post is of an Extraordinary Vessel treatment protocol using inter-dermal needles to increase shoulder range of motion in an individual that has not had complete range in shoulder abduction for over 24 years. In 1995, Autum Kirgan, L.Ac., was

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