Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries

Part 2: Get More Out of Your Zang Fu Treatments: Emphasis on the Middle Jiao

By Matt Callison|August 25th, 2023|Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

This short article on how to get more out of your Zang Fu treatments, with an emphasis on the middle Jiao is a second part of an initial piece posted in March 2022, entitled "Get More Out Of Your Zang Fu Treatments" and

Success of Sports Medicine Acupuncture Surprises Collegiate Head Athletic Trainer

By Matt Callison|July 27th, 2023|Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

It is nice to be back in practice again and to apply the knowledge and medicine that we teach in the SMAC Program, which continues to prove to be invaluable. Seeing the success of Sports Medicine Acupuncture for athletes and non-athletes alike is

Pectoralis Major Myofascial Technique & Acupuncture

By Brian Lau|May 3rd, 2023|Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

The video featured below is a pectoralis major myofascial technique. The pectoralis major myofascial technique was one of the many techniques covered in the Module IV: Sinew Channel Assessment & Myofascial Technique class course held in April 2023 in San Diego, CA. The

The Channels and their Functional Movement Patterns

By Brian Lau|March 1st, 2023|Channel Sinews (Jingjin), Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles, News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

One of the features of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture program is the emphasis on the channel sinews or jingjin. These are highlighted in dissection classes, but also in the assessment & treatment and corrective exercise classes. The jingjin are an important part of

Changing Gillet’s Test with Acupuncture

By Matt Callison|February 13th, 2023|Assessment & Treatment, News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

AcuSport Education is hosting the inaugural Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium this Spring from March 30 – April 3.  In addition to the planning for this with the AcuSport team, I will be presenting a few different topics, including changing Gillet’s Test with

Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Post-Op Knee Rehabilitation

By Matt Callison|December 30th, 2022|Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

It never ceases to amaze me what the combination of TCM and physical exercise can do for injury rehabilitation. I recently underwent total knee replacement of my right knee. As you can see from the x-rays, my tibiofemoral joint on the right was

A Proprioceptive Needle Technique for the Neck & Completion of the 2019-2022 SMAC Program

By Matt Callison and Brian Lau|May 3rd, 2022|News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

In this month's blog post, we're sharing a video of a proprioceptive needle technique for the neck and a bit about the completion of the 2019-2022 SMAC Program. Completion of the 2019-2022 SMAC Program We just completed the East Coast 2019-2020 Sports Medicine

Tennis Elbow: Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis

By Matt Callison|March 1st, 2022|Assessment & Treatment, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Figure A. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) primarily involves the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. Spring is coming and so is an increase of activity and exercise for our patients. Lateral epicondylitis, or "tennis elbow," may be coming into your practice soon

Low Back Pain Part 1 – Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment: A Contributor to Yaoyan Syndrome

By Matt Callison|July 30th, 2021|Assessment & Treatment, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

The following is an excerpt of information taught in the upcoming Module II: Low Back, Hip and Groin, which is open for registration. Low back pain (LBP) is encountered frequently in clinical practice the cause of which is often non-specific in 85% of

Treating Hip Asymmetry with Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

By Sean Davis|May 28th, 2021|Assessment & Treatment, Case Studies, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

Treating hip asymmetry is part of what I would call the bread and butter of Sports Medicine Acupuncture®. When a patient comes in with low back pain, knee pain, leg pain, or sometimes even neck and shoulder pain, one of the first things we

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