The most advanced certification program available. This program is designed to provide the highest level of training in the assessment and treatment of sports, work and orthopedic injuries. Graduates will have the distinction of being a certified practitioner in the field of Sports Medicine Acupuncture.

Program Format

The SMA Certification program is one year long and consists of 14 courses, which are divided into 4 modules. Each module consists of didactic and practical workshops designed for sequential learning:

Module One: Spinal Column
Module Two: Neck, Shoulder and Upper Extremity
Module Three: Low Back and Hip
Module Four: Lower Extremity

Modules Include:

  • Anatomy, palpation, channel (jing luo) topography and cadaver labs with non-chemically treated specimens
  • Assessment and treatment for over 70 work and sports-related injuries
  • Manual Therapy and external herbal applications
  • Structural analysis and exercise prescription discussed through the lens of TCM channel theory
  • Case management of musculoskeletal injuries, including coverage of the latest advances in acupuncture and sports medicine research
  • Participants will learn how to effectively communicate with MDs, PTs and other relevant healthcare providers

Participants Receive

  • Integrative Eastern and Western approaches to treating work, sport and orthopedic injuries
  • Over 245 hours of advanced Sports Medicine Acupuncture training
  • SMAC Membership includes online discussion of studies, research and injury management advice
  • Exclusive right to use the Sports Medicine Acupuncture license
  • Graduates receive website-based referrals and discounts on continuing education courses

Program Requirements

  • Participants can take individual weekend courses and earn CAE’s but must complete all four modules within two years from their start date in order to become certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture.
  • SMAC participants paying by module will receive a one week grace period from the last class day of instruction of a particular module before enrollment is made open to the public
  • Each weekend course may be purchased separately but discounts are available for enrolling in the entire program or in entire modules.

Participants must be a licensed or registered acupuncturist and provide proof of having graduated from an ACAOM accredited Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture school.Participants must have a minimum of 2000 hours of acupuncture and TCM training and provide proof of having an active license.

Program Description

Participants in this program will develop the skills necessary to: perform an orthopedic evaluation of musculoskeletal conditions, understand the sports medicine biomechanics of orthopedic conditions, generate a TCM diagnosis and treatment plan and implement Sports Medicine Acupuncture approaches to treating a patient’s injuries. This course significantly expands upon fundamental TCM approaches to the treatment of orthopedic conditions. Participants will be taught how to This is accomplished by recognizing recognize organ (zang fu) disharmony and its influence on musculoskeletal tissue. Treatment techniques will focus on balancing the channels and collaterals (jing luo) using traditional tuina manual therapy, internal and external herbal medicines and specialized acupuncture and moxibustion (zhen jiu) techniques. This TCM approach is supplemented and integrated with sports medicine assessment techniques that will help to uncover muscle and postural imbalances, which can lead to acute and chronic injuries. To further increase the participants’ understanding of orthopedic conditions, four anatomy/cadaver labs will help to clearly demonstrate anatomical structure, motor points, trigger points and acupoint anatomy. (No formaldehyde or other chemicals are used in the cadaver specimens.)

Unlike other acupuncture orthopedic ideas, this program does not stack TCM modalities and Western biomedical facts side-by-side with the intention of somehow combining these two paradigms. Rather, it applies TCM principles to Western biomedical facts and uses Western biomedical facts to illustrate TCM principles, thereby truly integrating the salient principles of both medical practices. As a result, the assessment and treatment strategies learned in this program will bring long lasting and successful outcomes.


Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Develop expertise in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating orthopedic conditions
  • The ability to take a thorough history of an orthopedic condition, identify the mechanism of injury and formulate a working assessment of the condition.
  • Gain experience in performing an initial orthopedic physical assessment and follow up evaluations to confirm efficacy of treatment.
  • Develop essential diagnostic palpation skills.
  • Develop treatment plans and protocols from a TCM and sports medicine perspective.
  • Apply appropriate point prescriptions, needle technique and herbal medications based on the diagnosis and the treatment plan.
  • Apply appropriate Manual Therapy methods and techniques to treat many orthopedic conditions.
  • Apply manual therapy and taping and bracing techniques to treat a wide variety of orthopedic conditions.
  • Become familiar with and apply postural exercise prescription.
  • Become familiar with and apply therapeutic stretch prescription.
  • Understand an overview of the Western biomedical approaches to orthopedic conditions including diagnostic testing such as MRI, EMG, XRAY, etc. and treatments such as cortisone injection, surgical intervention, medication, etc.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with Western medical providers, such as physicians and physical therapists, in regards to when it is appropriate to refer to acupuncture for orthopedic conditions as well as sharing patient conditions and progress. Progress reports and intake notes will be discussed.
  • Understand the latest developments in sports medicine and acupuncture research.