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Trigger Point Needling for the Head, Neck and Shoulder

This is a hands-on workshop that focuses on the identification, palpation, and needling of myofascial trigger points associated with the head, neck, and shoulder. The techniques learned in the seminar are invaluable in the treatment of many pain conditions and are easily incorporated into an existing acupuncture practice. At the conclusion of the seminar the practitioner will have an anatomical understanding of trigger points as well as peripheral and central sensitization. They will have an understanding of the role trigger points play in the channel system as well as key clinical signs to recognize when employing trigger point needling. Lastly they will have gained confidence in needling sensitive structures of the head, neck, chest, and upper back outside of their standard education.

May 11-12, 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024 8am-6pm
Sunday, May 12, 2024 8am-5pm
$495 for L.Ac.
$445 early bird discount ends March 13, 2024
$445.00 NWSHU alumni (must show proof of graduation) for NWHSU class only


AcuSport Seminar Series, Inc. and its subsidiary company AcuSport Education (AE) admits qualified students of any race, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in to our programs. AE does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies or programs.

I am licensed in my state, province or country to practice acupuncture and herein as participant, hereby release AcuSport Education, dba AcuSport Seminar Series, Inc., herein as Joe Bickle, L.Ac., C.SMA, from any and all liability of techniques (needle techniques, manual therapies, etc.) taught by Joe Bickle, L.Ac., C.SMA, faculty, co-teachers, assistants, and employed instructors, and learned and performed by the participant during and after each SMA Foundational course.

I hereby release and hold harmless Joe Bickle, L.Ac., C.SMA and/or his assistants/representatives as set forth above, as well as the seminar venue Northwestern Health Sciences University from any liability by virtue of any physical injury to other seminar participants or clientele treated by said participant due to needle techniques or manual therapies performed by the participant taking the seminar or by any other injury that may occur on or off of these premises. Further, by agreeing to this release of liability, I can show proof that I am currently a licensed acupuncturist and that I possess and am covered by a current professional liability insurance policy.

If I am an attending student, I hereby release and hold harmless Joe Bickle, L.Ac., C.SMA and/or his assistants, as well as the seminar venue, Northwestern Health Sciences University.

I give permission for any images taken or recorded of me during the in person, live-gathering workshops by photo, audio and/or video. These images are owned by Matt Callison and he has full rights to use these images for commercial and educational purposes.

By registering for the course through Northwestern Health Sciences University, I affirm that I have read this release and that I fully understand and agree to its terms.

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