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SMAC Program Class Descriptions

Click here for the SMAC Program Class Descriptions

Click here for the Instructors of the 2021 SMAC Program & SMA Foundational Courses. Visit this page to see the individual instructors for each class—SMA Class Dates & Locations.

  • In order to register for individual 2021 SMAC Program ONLINE courses AND in person live-gathering courses (post-COVID), the licensed practitioner must understand and agree to the AcuSport Education Agreement Form.
  • For in-person live-gathering courses held post-Covid, the participants must be a licensed or registered acupuncturist and provide proof of having graduated from an ACAOM accredited or equivalent Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture school.
  • Participants must have a minimum of 2,000 hours of acupuncture and TCM training and provide proof of having an active license and malpractice insurance. If a participant’s insurance does not provide coverage in the state where the course is being held, they may be added to AcuSport Education’s group policy for a $30 fee.
  • The cutoff date for registration is 24 hours before each webinar in the 2021 SMAC Program
  • Read the AcuSport Education Agreement Form and Release of Liability Form (see tabs below) and indicate your agreement on Registration Form
  • Complete the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification Program Registration Form at the bottom of this page
  • Upon submitting your registration below, you will receive a “Registration Pending” email providing detailed information about how to easily upload required documents to our secure Dropbox folder. Upload all required documentation ASAP to complete your registration and reserve your place.
  • If you are registering for an online webinar, nothing further needs to be done on your side, and you will be receiving a “Registration Approved” email shortly.
  • If you are registering for a live gathering event, a “Registration Pending” email will provide you with detailed information about how to easily upload required documents to our secure Dropbox folder. Upload all required documentation ASAP to complete your registration and reserve your place.
  • Send a photo image of your acupuncture license (see the Registration Information tab below)
  • Please see the Registration Information section for more info

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. US bank checks are also accepted.

Check payment can be addressed and sent to:

AcuSport Education
P.O. Box 7699
San Diego, CA 92167

Payments will be processed on the 15th of the month prior to start date of the class. For example, for a class starting October 11th, the student’s credit card will be charged or check payment must be received on or by September 15th. In addition, to secure your spot in the class, please remember all required documents must be uploaded to our Dropbox account before your registration can be confirmed. You will receive an email providing detailed information about easily uploading these documents into a secure Dropbox folder once you submit your registration.

Coupon Code discounts are offered to C.SMA students, repeat students who have already completed the class within the past two years, and students paying by check. Participants are only eligible for one Coupon Code per class, module or program.

Discount Type Discount Discount Code
Standard (Credit Card Payment) 0% None
Standard (Check Payment) 2.5% CHECK
C.SMA Practitioners 15% CSMA
Repeat Student* 10% REPEAT
Acupuncture Students** 10% STUDENT

* A Repeat Student is someone who has taken the same class within the last 2 years. Repeat Students receive a 10% discount on all individual classes only. SMAC module and program discounts do not apply. Select individual classes only when registering!

** An acupuncture student is an individual matriculated at an accredited Traditional Chinese Medicine school. Proof of current enrollment is required for this discount such as current class list, payment stub for the semester, or current student id. Acupuncture students can partake in all online webinar classes. They may attend the live, in-person (post-COVID) classes Anatomy, Palpation and Cadaver Lab and Assessment and Treatment of Channel Sinews without needling as well as all of the PACE classes. Acupuncture student cannot however, attend the live-in person Assessment & Treatment of Injury courses that are held as an in-person course (post-Covid).

There are a limited number of discounted seats available per class. Please register as soon as possible to take advantage of your discount!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received greater than 21 days prior to course start date may be eligible to receive a full refund, less a $50 cancellation fee and an 8% transaction fee for credit card payments. All cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to Cancellations made within 21 days prior to course start date are not eligible for a refund. Registrants who choose not to attend the seminar without notice will also not be eligible for a refund.

Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment or by check if applicable.

Partial Completions

Participants will not receive credit for any missed sessions and will not receive certificates of completion for partially completed courses.

AcuSport Education Cancellation Terms

AcuSport Education reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If AcuSport Education is forced to cancel an event, a full refund of the tuition paid will be granted to the registered student. AcuSport Education will not pay for travel costs incurred due to a cancelled class.

AcuSport Seminar Series, Inc. and its subsidiary company AcuSport Education (AE) admits qualified students of any race, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in to our programs. AE does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies or programs.

Upon submitting your registration for SMA individual courses or for the 2021 SMAC program located below, you will be receiving a registration pending email shortly after. If you are registering for a live gathering event, this “Registration Pending” email will provide you with detailed information about how to easily upload required documents to our secure Dropbox folder. If you are registering for Sports Medicine Acupuncture ONLINE courses, no further documentation is required. If you would like a CEU/PDA certificate, please make sure your license number is correct and the name on this registration is written the way you would like it to appear on your certificate (CA) or electronically submitted (NCCAOM).

In order to register for individual Sports Medicine Acupuncture (SMA) online courses and “live-gathering” intensive courses, the licensed practitioner must understand and agree to the following statements:

  • The registrant is currently licensed to practice acupuncture in their country, state or providence. Or, the registrant is currently in an accredited traditional Chinese medicine college or university.
  • The registrant is proficient at traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) nomenclature, theories (qi, blood, body fluids, organs and channels) and differential diagnosis. The SMA educational content is rooted in TCM and integrated with western biomedical paradigms. It is recommended the registrant has a strong background in TCM in order to gain the best value of these educational courses.
  • The registrant is aware that SMA online classes can be taken individually or collectively for Sports Medicine Acupuncture certification (SMAC).
  • For SMAC, successful completion of “live-gathering” classes (post-Covid) will be required and these classes will be held in the United States. The dates and location of the “live-gathering” classes will be announced in the near future. This course is for licensed acupuncturists.
  • The registrant enrolled in the SMAC program will be required to complete online examinations after the completion of each module and a final practical exam after completion of the SMAC program. The registrant not enrolled in the certification program does not need to complete any online examinations.

Acknowledgment of this AcuSport Education Agreement Form—by clicking the agreement box at the bottom of the Registration Form below—is required to register for one or more courses. 

I am licensed in my state, province or country to practice acupuncture and herein as participant, hereby release AcuSport Education, dba AcuSport Seminar Series, Inc., herein as Matt Callison L.Ac., from any and all liability of techniques (needle techniques, manual therapies, etc.) taught by Matt Callison L.Ac., faculty, co-teachers, assistants, and employed instructors, and learned and performed by the participant during and after each course offered in the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) program.

I hereby release and hold harmless Matt Callison L.Ac., and/or his assistants/representatives as set forth above, as well as the seminar venue Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, from any liability by virtue of any physical injury to other seminar participants or clientele treated by said participant due to needle techniques or manual therapies performed by the participant taking the seminar or by any other injury that may occur on or off of these premises. Further, by agreeing to this release of liability, I can show proof that I am currently a licensed acupuncturist and that I possess and am covered by a current professional liability insurance policy.

If I am an attending student, I hereby release and hold harmless Matt Callison L.Ac. and/or his assistants, as well as the seminar venue, Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, or representatives, of any liability if I, under my own discretion participate in the needling of this course. I, as a student, further take all responsibility in keeping current with all regulations concerning students needling in this seminar and will not hold AcuSport Education, Matt Callison L.Ac. and/or all affiliates liable for repercussions against said student.

I give permission for any images taken or recorded of me during the in person, live-gathering workshops by photo, audio and/or video. These images are owned by Matt Callison and he has full rights to use these images for commercial and educational purposes.

By clicking on the agreement box at the bottom of the Registration Form below, I affirm that I have read this release and that I fully understand and agree to its terms.


Keep in mind:

  • We are offering online classes (live and recorded options) that count toward SMA Certification (C.SMA)
  • We are also offering all classes as in-person classes starting November 2021
  • You must take the one practical, live-in person class per module if wishing to earn SMA Certification (C.SMA): Huatuojiaji Points: Vertebral Fixations & Facilitated Segments in Module I and Assessment & Treatment of Injuries in Module II (Low Back, Hip & Groin) Module III (Lower Extremity)  & Module IV (Neck, Shoulder & Upper Extremity).
  • You can take individual classes as continuing education courses and do not need to sign up for the entire program.
  • For the full list of classes and the multiple ways we offer each class, please visit the Class Description Page.
  • If you are applying recorded or online webinars towards your SMAC certification, please email with a copy of your CE certificate and in the header of your email write APPLYING WEBINARS FOR SMA CERTIFICATION. If you have any questions, please email Patricia at

The following letter is from our online platform host, Net of Knowledge:

Dear California Practitioner: Some changes are coming to your CE course availability.

Some significant changes have happened in recent months at the California Acupuncture Board that will impact the entire continuing education industry in California.

This affects you as a learner and practitioner because your options for continuing education courses will be reduced. Large CE providers will be forced to drop California approval for many distance education courses, and some smaller businesses will need to close shop.

We are concerned about the effect this will have on the Acu/TCM knowledge base in the long run.

1. Your Existing Live, Webinar Courses

Please be sure to complete your live, webinar courses and download your CEU certificates from Net of Knowledge by December 31st, 2021. They will not be able to guarantee existing course approvals beyond that date.

2. More Information and Action

A number of us providers have come together to communicate to the CAB that this is a concern.

Please click here to read our latest letter. (The first letter from December can be found here if you are interested.)

Feel free to share these documents with friends.

We are all doing our best to have this fixed. Practitioners like you can make a difference too. If you would like to know where to voice your concerns, or if you have any ideas or questions, please reach out to us at

SMA Recorded Webinars

The following recorded webinars are now available for purchase through Eastern Currents and Lhasa OMS. These classes allow you to earn distant CE’s and count toward your certification and can be taken no matter where you live in the world!


    When registering, please select either:
  • Individual classes within a Module (when not taking all classes in that Module)
  • Entire Module (when taking all classes in a Module, but not the whole program)
  • Entire SMAC Program (when signing up for the whole program and paying in full)
  • SMAC Payment Plan (when signing up for the whole program and paying monthly)
  • Note: After submitting your registration, if you do not receive a Registration-Pending email from AcuSport Education within 5 minutes, due to increased security, please check your spam folder and add us to your contacts.

Ticket Type Price Spaces
MII-D) MODULE II (THE LOW BACK, HIP & GROIN): Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise (PACE) II: Exercise Prescription for the Acupuncturist (ONLINE WEBINAR) October 2-3, 2021 8:00am-5:00pm PST | NCCAOM & CA 15 CE/PDA approved $540.00

I am currently a licensed Acupuncturist in the United States.
I am currently a licensed Acupuncturist in another country.

A Colleague
Another Website (please indicate in the box below)
Search Engine
Previous or Current SMA Student
Acupuncture Today
Other (please indicate in the box below)

Check (payable to AcuSport Education and mailed to P.O. Box 7699, San Diego, CA 92167)
Credit Card (by selecting this option, you are authorizing AcuSport Education to charge your credit card for the total amount of payment due)

  • Go to the Discounts and Coupon Codes section above for qualifications. Participants are only eligible for one Coupon Code per class. Coupon Code entry is case sensitive.
  • Discounts are provided only when paying for the seminar. Discounts are not applicable after registration has been submitted. If the coupon code does not work, please contact prior to submitting your registration.