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Governor Murphy of New Jersey has announced State of Emergency and a Public Health Emergency, effective immediately, to ramp up New Jersey’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

We at AcuSport Education are following a coordinated response and are postponing all Module III classes to October 15-18, 2020 and January 26-31, 2021.

Please note the new dates for our Module III classes:

  • Anatomy/Palpation/Cadaver Lab — October 15-16, 2020
  • Assessment & Treatment of the Channel Sinews (Jingjin) — October 17-18 2020
  • Assessment & Treatment of Lower Extremity Injuries — January 26-29, 2021
  • Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise (PACE) III — January 30-31, 2021
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About the author(s):

Matt Callison is the president of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program. He has been combining sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 26 years. He is the author of the Motor Point and Acupuncture Meridians Chart, the Motor Point Index, The Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook and many articles on the combination of sports medicine and TCM.