Jackie Parra — C.SMA of the Month (Apr. 2019)

Jackie Parra, L.Ac., C.SMA


Jackie Parra, L.Ac., C.SMA — a sports acupuncturist in Denver | SportsMedicineAcupuncture.comJackie Parra is one of our graduates who is now a successful sports acupuncturist in Denver and Englewood, Colorado. Here is what she says about how the SMAC Program has helped shape her practice:

“SMAC has taken me exactly where I wanted to be with my career and as a practitioner. I had only been out of acupuncture school for 3 months upon starting the program. Completing the SMAC program gave me the confidence to work with injuries and athletes that I didn’t have being a recent Oriental Medicine graduate. This education has helped me confidently treat new patients and get great results. The SMAC program allowed me to land my dream job working with NFL athletes in Denver! My sports medicine acupuncture training was exactly what the NFL trainers said was missing from the athletes’ performance and recovery process. I have dreamed of a job like this and am blessed that Matt Callison’s program was so in-depth and educational. I use every part of the program from orthopedic examination, postural assessments, corrective exercise, and myofascial release in each treatment and have had incredible results!

In my private practice, I had a recent case where a man had been treated several times for carpal tunnel in a school clinic. The first thing I asked this patient was how his carpal tunnel was diagnosed, and I learned it was self-diagnosed. After asking the questions I learned in SMAC about the nature of the pain and what movements hurt, I proceeded to put him through the orthopedic exams for carpal tunnel, however none tested positive. With the education of the SMAC program I was able to properly diagnose him with cubital tunnel syndrome and treat this condition correctly. He got great relief. The students observing me asked when in school they would learn how to do this and properly diagnose cases such as his. Unfortunately, in my school there was no education on orthopedic exams or muscle testing, and anatomy was ignored. These students became very excited to graduate and eventually enroll in the SMAC program.”

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