Karen Factor — C.SMA of the Month (Jul. 2019)

Karen Factor, DOM, LMT, C. SMA


Karen Factor, DOM, LMT, C. SMA — AcuSport Education's C.SMA of the Month (July 2019) | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COMKaren Factor is one of our graduates who is now a successful Santa Fe sports acupuncturist in New Mexico. Below she describes how her SMAC education helped her improve her treatment outcomes, even after 20 years of practice:

“The gap in my 20 plus year practice was bridged when I began the SMAC program in 2010. For many years I took courses, and self studied, hoping to learn more effective assessment skills, testing, and exercise protocols as they related to pain management. Matt Callison’s program put all of this together for me in a systematic way that has allowed for improved treatment outcome. Even more impressive, is that this program maintains classic Chinese medicine with up-to-date Western orthopedic assessment protocols. The combination has been incredibly effective in my practice. This program offers the best of Eastern and Western medicine as it relates to pain management.

The day after completing the low back / hip treatment module, I had a 73 year-old patient come in with an acute low back strain. He was unable to stand up straight. He was scheduled to fly to Italy the following day for a skiing vacation. I utilized orthopedic exams, muscle testing, and pelvic assessment to determine the origin of his pain. I applied the acupuncture, pelvic blocking techniques, myofascial release, kiniseo taping, and therapeutic exercises all learned in this Module and he was able to stand up straight on his way out the door. He flew to Italy pain free, and had a wonderful vacation. Two months later he came in for an unrelated injury. I asked him about his back, and he had forgotten he ever had the issue!

Matt is truly the best educator I have studied with. His program continues to grow with his
continued research. He has brought in an excellent team of teachers to round out the certification program. Eight years later, my learning adventure continues, as I continue to assist in some of these courses.”

To connect with Karen, visit their listing in the C.SMA Practitioner Directory: Karen Factor DOM, LMT, C. SMA

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