Amanda Perizzolo — C.SMA of the Month (Oct. 2019)

Dr. Amanda Perizzolo, TCMD, R.Ac, C.SMA


Sports Medicine Acupuncturist in Calgary — Amanda Perizzolo, C.SMA | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COMDr. Perizzolo is a sports acupuncturist in Calgary who has completed the SMAC Program. She works at a multi-disciplinary clinic that specializes in treating professional and amateur athletes of many different sports, including the Canadian National Ski Team, professional mountain bikers, CFL football, hockey, basketball, and tennis players.

She writes, “The SMAC program provided me with a network of like-minded and inspirational practitioners. I have a thriving practice that continues to grow thanks to my SMAC training. The SMAC program inspired me to start my own company called Mountain Mends, which is an herbal liniment line for athletes and anyone who suffers from sports injuries or musculoskeletal pain. One day while sitting in San Diego, Matt was discussing different treatments and formulas for injuries and it inspired me to create my own line. When you are in a room full of so many knowledgeable practitioners you leave feeling excited and motivated to continue to do better and grow.

I have a love for treating athletes and always will. However, the SMAC certification gave me the knowledge to go well above and beyond treating sports injuries. I have taken the knowledge I gained in this program and now use it to successfully treat people with all different types of disorders. For example, helping patients who have lost limbs to increase function and mobility, helping breast cancer survivors recover from their surgery and stroke victims with rehabilitation and restoring proper neural function.”

Amanda recalls treating a football player who was suffering from a terrible concussion. “His symptoms had been horrible for two years, forcing him to stop playing. He was suffering from post concussion syndrome, whiplash, experiencing horrible migraines, and mood disorders. This patient was frustrated not being able to return to sport, or exercise in any capacity. He had seen multiple practitioners and had made very little progress. After several treatments (using techniques learned at SMAC), he was able to leave his house, start driving again and go back to his job. Using return-to-play protocols, he was able to progressively return to sport. He thanked me with tears in his eyes because he finally felt like ‘he had his life back and felt normal again’. It was such a wonderful feeling!”

To connect with Amanda, visit her listing in the C.SMA Practitioner Directory: Dr. Amanda Perizzolo, TCMD, R.Ac., C. SMA

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