• Masters in Chinese Medicine
  • Studied under Frank Butler
  • Completed the Sports Medicine Acupuncture program
  • Assistant & lead instructor for the SMA Foundational Courses

Joseph was introduced to acupuncture in the early 2000s as he was recovering from an acute injury. Fascinated by his experience he eventually went on to get his Masters in Chinese medicine from Northwest Health Sciences University in 2009.

As a younger practitioner, feeling some frustration on how to best implement the medicine he eventually found Frank Butler in New York City. While studying under Frank, he was blown away by the depth and knowledge that Chinese medicine had to offer beyond what he had learned in school. In 2014, Joe set off on a mission to better understand the world of Chinese medicine, focusing specifically on acupuncture and tui na.

In 2018, he went through the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Program, and soon after began assisting for Matt Callison and Brian Lau. Joe continues to study under various provider-types in their respective fields. He feels it is important to continue to explore and expand the idea of what Chinese medicine is and what it has to offer. Only through this expansion will we discover what works best for us, as well as what works best for our patients.