AcuSport Education & Sports Medicine Acupuncture

An educational company offering a comprehensive online & in-person Sports Medicine Acupuncture program and CEU courses taught by highly skilled TCM practitioners. We teach what we practice!


AcuSport Education’s certification is the most advanced orthopedic and sports acupuncture training certification program available.
Designed to provide advanced level sports acupuncture training in the assessment and treatment of sports, work and orthopedic injuries.


These courses provide foundational sports medicine acupuncture assessment & treatment protocols.
Many participants take these training courses to prepare themselves for enrollment in the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC( Program or for continuing education credit.


Register for LIVE, IN PERSON SMAC or Foundational Courses and LIVE & RECORDED SMAC or Foundational Course webinars below. Individual CEU training classes are available in both the SMAC Program and SMA Foundational Courses.

Benefits of the C.SMA Designation:

・Right to use the Sports Medicine Acupuncture® license

・C.SMA Practitioner Directory Listing

・Exclusive access to the C.SMA Library

・Discounts on AcuSport Education seminars & products

・Discounts from Lhasa OMS

・Discounts from Unified Practice

…and many C.SMA practitioners have received website-based referrals, job opportunities from sports teams, physical therapists, sports chiropractors and integrated clinics!

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What Our Graduates Say

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103, 2023

The Channels and their Functional Movement Patterns

By Brian Lau|March 1st, 2023|Channel Sinews (Jingjin), Corrective Exercises/Intradermal Needles, News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

One of the features of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture program is the emphasis on the channel sinews or jingjin. These are highlighted in dissection classes, but also in the assessment & treatment and corrective exercise classes. The jingjin are

1302, 2023

Changing Gillet’s Test with Acupuncture

By Matt Callison|February 13th, 2023|Assessment & Treatment, News & Events, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Injuries|

AcuSport Education is hosting the inaugural Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium this Spring from March 30 – April 3.  In addition to the planning for this with the AcuSport team, I will be presenting a few different topics, including

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The Sports Medicine Acupuncture Textbook

Sports Medicine Acupuncture Textbook Review | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COM

Click below to learn more about the Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook and get your copy today from our partner, LhasaOMS, (U.S. sales only) or from one of our international distributors (see FAQs).

Latest News

The New & Simplified 2023-2025 SMAC Program in San Diego, CA begins September 2023. Portions of the program will also be taught in New Jersey and Florida!

☞ We are excited to announce that the second Pacific Sports & Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium will take place in 2025 in San Diego. Great presenters sharing “Clinical Pearls and Innovative Approaches”!

☞ We now have two SMAC Program Tracks: Hybrid (Online & 4 Live, In-Person classes) and All Live, In-Person.

☞ 3-Day Cadaver Dissection for the Acupuncturist is scheduled for September 2024 (Florida) and February 2025 (New Jersey)! Stay tuned for registration soon.

☞  Motor Point Needle Protocols for the Neck, Shoulder and Upper Extremity, The Lower Extremity and the Low Back, Hip and Groin are now available for online learning!

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