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SMAC Partners

AcuSport Education is proud to introduce our SMAC partners — industry professionals who are committed to providing valuable benefits to our students and C.SMA Practitioners:

SMAC Partners: Lhasa OMS — Everything Acupuncture | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COM

Your Acupuncture Supply SMAC Partner

C.SMA Practitioners receive a 20% discount on products offered through Lhasa OMS up to three times a year. Other exclusions may apply.

Almost 40 years ago, Thomas Riihimaki started Lhasa OMS with a singular mission of supporting acupuncturists in every possible way with a focus on supplying them with the tools needed to treat patients safely and effectively. Tom built relationships with the highest quality acupuncture needle and supply manufacturers in the world. With over 9,000 products in-stock  for sale, Lhasa OMS imports many popular tools that their customers use during most treatments. In fact, LhasaOMS is the largest distributor of acupuncture supplies in the United States and is the exclusive importer of the most popular and highest quality acupuncture needles in the U.S. such as SEIRIN, DBC, Hwato, and Tai-Chi.   They also distribute 16 of the most popular Chinese Single Herbs and Formulas as well as many of the leading brands of CBD Hemp Extract products.

Whether you want to place orders online, over the phone, or at a conference, we are dedicated to ensuring you have them.

We are proud to partner with a company that provides an unrivaled product selection of the highest quality products, stellar customer service and continuing education opportunities—and excited to offer our C.SMA Practitioners a 5% discount on products offered through Lhasa OMS. Some exclusions apply.


Empowering Health Traditions Through Education

Presenting AcuSport Education’s online webinars to practitioners around the world.

Net of Knowledge is a continuing education platform that was built specifically for TCM and integrative health practitioners. They are a global partnership of companies who have come together for a common mission—to support practitioners in their pursuit of knowledge and growth. They offer courses by the brightest teachers from around the world, including Matt Callison and Brian Lau, in an engaging digital environment, so practitioners can keep giving more to their patients and the communities they support.

Says Net of Knowledge:

“Our cohesive purpose is to always be learning, and to continue to master the skills that make lives better. We endeavour to inspire and support integrative health practitioners like you to achieve the same in the important work that you do. Our mission, together, is to fully support your pursuit of knowledge and growth, so you can contribute most effectively to the wellbeing of your patients and communities.”

We are thankful to partner with a company that enables acupuncture students and practitioners around the world to access our SMAC classes from the comfort of their own home.