• This 43.5″ x 84″ (3.75 x 7 ft.) Postural Assessment Grid is printed on durable indoor banner vinyl with two 1/2-inch grommets for ease of hanging. A ¾-inch black border frames the grid.
  • The bottom of the grid has a sewn pocket to slide a ¾ PVC pipe or wood dowel (not included) into to help keep the grid straight and wrinkle free.
  • This postural grid has been specifically designed for a quick and easy visual assessment for both static and functional posture issues.
  • With an attractive cream-colored background, 4-inch squares and a 3/4-inch center plumb line provides the practitioner with easy visual assessment of postural deviations.
  • Can fit into almost any assessment room and does not require floor space for set up.
  • Total weight of this grid is 2 lbs. (32 oz.).