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Matt Callison and Brian Lau just completed a live webinar on the Psoas: Structure, Function and treatment. It was a great success and here are just a few of the great things some of the attendees have said:

“Really great stuff. The videos, cadavers, graphics, images were all very helpful and relevant. Great examples.”

“Thanks so much for a great course, and some of the very best contributions to the practice as a whole! You guys are really doing an exceptional job of elevating this medicine!”

“Matt and Brian are both excellent instructors of some of the best information that is elevating Chinese medicine and its relevance in medicine today. The material is dense, but you come away with so many practical tools to apply. I will have a hard time spending money on CEU’s elsewhere after this (my first) course. Much much appreciation!” — Christopher Davies (Canada)

“This approach is fascinating and should have been taught in school.” — Diane Jones (U.S.A.)

“Always learn from you guys, and appreciate how your thoughts and ideas really do “evolve”…shows the passion you both have for this work. Thank you!” — Laura McCoy (U.S.A.)

“After going through [the SMAC Program], it still ceases to amaze me how much I continually get out of any of your continuing education even aspects I studied before. Always great refreshers or stuff you just forget due to the volume of information.” — Colin Harris (Canada)

“Both teachers ( Matt Callison and Brian Lau) were excellent. I have taken many of their classes and they never disappoint.”

“Thank you for your commitment to this profession. I have taken many classes over the years, none are as professional, concise and clinically relevant as yours. I am grateful for all of your hard work and the opportunity to learn from you both.” — Susan Mckibben (U.S.A.)

“Matt & Brian’s knowledge of both the TCM and the Western anatomy give an expanded outlook to needling technique.The anatomy videos were extremely helpful and also the testing techniques.” — Elizabeth Ko (U.S.A.)

“Brian and Matt are excellent teachers. I appreciate how they discuss the muscular system, and always relate it back to the flow of energy in the channels.” — Naomi Diehl (Canada)

“I really appreciate the knowledge and preparedness, especially the respectful use of cadavers to help students see the internal anatomy.” — Tammy Nelson (U.S.A.)

“For somebody who got CSMA certification more than 10 years ago, it was a must class. Matt and Brian are very inspirational. —Nobuko Pyle (U.S.A.)


About the author(s):

Matt Callison is the president of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program. He has been combining sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 26 years. He is the author of the Motor Point and Acupuncture Meridians Chart, the Motor Point Index, The Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook and many articles on the combination of sports medicine and TCM.