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Frequently Asked Questions for C.SMAs

The license term for the SMA certification is 2 years. You will receive an email from AcuSport Education reminding you of your license renewal date. To renew:

1. Send certificate(s) of completion demonstrating 14 hours of continuing education from an approved seminar(s). This certificate(s) is to be mailed to the address listed below or emailed to

2. Payments can be made via Paypal or Venmo or by check payable to AcuSport Education and mailed to P.O. Box 7699, San Diego, CA 92167.

To maintain SMA certification and licensure, the C.SMA must obtain 14 CEU/PDA’s every two years from their initial certification date. The CEU hours must be related to any course that further educates the C.SMA practitioner in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment. These courses can be related to sports or orthopedic based acupuncture or to injury rehabilitation such as exercise science, kinesiotaping, postural restoration, etc. For questions whether a CEU course will be approved by AcuSport Education, contact Janet Doré at

Distinguished right to use the Sports Medicine Acupuncture® license.

  • A listing in the C.SMA Practitioner Directory, including practitioner photo and clinic contact information.
  • Exclusive access to the C.SMA Library that contains articles/abstracts and videos.
  • Discounts on AcuSport Education seminars and products.*
  • Discounts from Lhasa OMS.
  • Discounts from Unified Practice.
  • Many C.SMA practitioners have received website-based referrals, job opportunities from sports teams, physical therapists, sports chiropractors and integrated clinics (refer to the Student Reviews and the C.SMA Practitioner of the Month pages).

* There are a limited number of discounted seats available per class. Please register as soon as possible to take advantage of your discount!

The C.SMA practitioner can use the Sports Medicine Acupuncture trademark in the following ways:

  1. C.SMA
  2. Certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®
  3. Sports Medicine Acupuncture® Specialist

The designation ® should be used after the trademark, for example, Sports Medicine Acupuncture®.

The use of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture trademark is an exclusive right for C.SMA practitioners and is granted only by AcuSport Education. Please notify us at with information of a non-C.SMA practitioner using the trademark. Your email contact to us is discreet and will never be discussed with anyone. AcuSport Education will send a notification letter to the practitioner to discontinue use. This situation does occur and is usually unintentional by the practitioner.

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