AcuSport Education Forms Strategic Acupuncture Alliances to Benefit YOU

It is part of the AcuSport Education mission to both educate and support our students and certified practitioners. One aspect of this support is the creation of strategic acupuncture alliances that provide direct benefits to our C.SMA practitioners.

The backbone of our educational offerings include is formed by both our comprehensive SMAC Program and numerous Foundational & CEU Courses.

In addition to providing sports acupuncture products, including Matt’s highly anticipated and newly released Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook, and a library of resources for our C.SMA Practitioners, we have also formed two alliances that provide valuable benefits to our C.SMA practitioners.


Lhasa OMS Alliance

The first of our strategic acupuncture alliances is with Lhasa OMS.

Almost four decades ago, Thomas Riihimaki founded Lhasa OMS with the intention of supporting acupuncturists, primarily by supplying them with the tools they need to treat their patients safely and effectively. To achieve this goal, Tom cultivated and nurtured relationships with the best acupuncture needle and supply manufacturers throughout the world.

Today, Lhasa OMS has more than 9,000 products in-stock and is the largest distributor of acupuncture supplies in the United States. They are the exclusive importer of some of the best and most popular acupuncture needles in the U.S., such as SEIRIN, DBC, Hwato, and Tai-Chi. They also distribute 16 of the most popular Chinese herbs and/or formulas and many of the leading brands of CBD hemp extract products.

We are proud to partner with a company that provides an unrivaled selection of high quality acupuncture products, stellar customer service, and continuing education opportunities for licensed acupuncturists.

We are excited to offer our C.SMA Practitioners a 5% discount on products offered through Lhasa OMS. (Some exclusions apply.)

AcuSport Education Partner — Unified Practice | SPORTSMEDICINEACUPUNCTURE.COM

Unified Practice Partnership

Another one of our strategic acupuncture alliances is with Unified Practice.

Founded by acupuncturists in 2011, Unified Practice (UP) is a technology company that offers a fully integrated software program specifically for TCM Practitioners. Today, it is the largest digital medical record company serving licensed acupuncturist in the United States.

In their ongoing quest to be the best, Unified Practice released two new important products:

1. HIPAA Compliant Targeted Email Marketing

Professional email marketing, simplified. Features include:

  • One-Touch: Sync Unified Practice reporting directly into your custom email campaigns and ensure that you engage the right patient at the right time.
    HIPAA Compliant: Protect your clinic with a signed BAA to ensure HIPAA Compliance met at every level in your practice.
  • Data Driven: Create custom filters inviting patients to try new services, following up on previous appointments, celebrating birthdays or anniversaries and more.
  • Seamlessly Integrated: Create custom lists in the system you already use – Unified Practice.
  • Communicate Smarter: Engage your patients in a targeted and specific way to build relationships, increase revenue, and streamline your clinic.



2. Insurance Verifications

Unified Practice Insurance Verification is:

  • Comprehensive—all verifications are performed by phone
  • Seamless—full integration within Unified Practice
  • Fast—verifications within 2 business days
  • Visible—verification status and reports available real time. You never have to wonder if the verification was performed and what the results where.
  • Simple pricing
  • Easy to get started
  • No setup or training fees
  • No long term contracts
  • Easy online form

When you put the verification process in Unified Practice’s hands, you receive:

  • Fewer surprises and greater patient satisfaction
  • Ability to accurately estimate insurance and patient payment portions
  • Higher/faster collections and reduced claim rejections



Check out a short tutorial video by Matt Callison and Greg Wilkins using the Unified Practice system in a case study of supraspinatus tendinopathy:


Unified Practice offers a 20% discount when signing up for an annual subscription. (Unified Practice stands by their product and its customers, if by chance there is a cancellation, UP pro-rates a refund as if you had been paying monthly, so it’s a really low-risk way to save on the UP system.)

C.SMA practitioner saves even more with an additional 5% discount on Unified Practice membership when signing up for an annual subscription. That is on top of the 20% annual discount! Just state your name and your C.SMA practitioner status and your increased discount will be applied.

Click here to learn more about the AcuSport/Unified Practice alliance.

Bookmark our Partners page to get info on these and any future alliances!


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