“Matt Callison is passionate about his work and his art and this passion is palpable in each and every class that he taught in the SMAC program.

He is not content with his students just showing up and taking notes. He stays engaged with his teaching by being sure that we, the students, are engaged with the information that is being presented. When necessary, he will pause and even backtrack if he feels that he has left anyone behind. Matt is, by far, the most dynamic teacher that I have ever had the privilege to study with.

He is caring and patient with his students but will also challenge you to think it out so that you understand the material rather than just memorize it. He does not let his abundance of talent and knowledge distance himself from even the very beginner in his program. He generously gives us every morsel of what he knows and what his current thoughts are about a subject but at the same time, “teaches us to fish” so that we can take this information and use it as an effective approach in our clinical practice.

Matt Callison is the epitome of how modern acupuncture should be taught!”

Marshall De Couto, L.Ac.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the SMAC program.

Thank you for a fantastic education that combined elements of TCM with western medicine so elegantly. I have learned so much about the human body and how the musculoskeletal system functions. You have inspired my curiosity and to help me understand and gain confidence in muscle function as well as when to apply orthopedic tests in order to identify an injury. This program has also made me a much better acupuncturist with all of the different needle techniques we have learned and practiced during this last year.

It has been a ten month adventure with lots of hard work. Ten months with frustration and joy, ten months with friendship and support, ten months with curiosity and feeling of wanting to learn more. Thank you for your fantastic, inspiring and motivating program, and for sharing all of your knowledge. The travel from Oslo, Norway was well worth it.”

Hege Fagerlund L.Ac., C.SMA

“After some initial success in providing treatments for a veteran based on my Sports Medicine Acupuncture® Certification (SMAC) program knowledge, I recently provided some treatments to several former soldiers. The success of the treatments astounded me. These guys had experienced some horrific events based on encounters with improvised explosive devices with injuries ranging from debilitating back pain to the inability to grip a coffee cup to excruciating foot pain. With the knowledge that I gained in the SMAC program, I was able to find the source of the pain using orthopedic exams and manual muscle testing and then provide conservative solutions including the acupuncture needle techniques, channel correspondences and corrective exercises that I learned where surgery or opiate-based pharmaceuticals were the only offered alternatives.”

Tim Eng, L.Ac, C.SMA

“I really, really enjoyed taking the SMAC program. In addition to learning so much about sports medicine, classic old school needling and traditional Chinese medicine theories integrated with sports medicine acupuncture, the opportunity of learning and practicing from Matt Callison and his faculty was truly a great experience…the SMAC program rocks!!”

Kevin Menard, L.Ac

“As an acupuncturist who works with athletes, from the professional to the weekend warrior, I have found that this course is the perfect synthesis of western and eastern thinking. It is the perfect complement to the traditional Chinese Medicine way of treating the whole person.”

Meghan Cowens de Sturdze, L.Ac.

“Unlike many acupuncture modalities that give you recipes of acupuncture points for various pathologies without providing adequate reasoning, SMAC gives you a framework for assessment and treatment for orthopedic pathologies based on anatomy and biomechanics.  By the end of the program, I felt confident enough to form a sound assessment and make a treatment plan for orthopedic issues that I have not encountered before with this framework; it is a platform for logical thinking. I also appreciated that Matt did not simply cover the material, but cared to really teach the material.  He has an unusual ability to tell when the whole class “got it.”  I especially enjoyed when Matt shared how he made new discoveries, such as better orthopedic tests, safer needling techniques, or different ways of using the channel theory.  He thinks about things.”

Dennis Yang, L.Ac., M.Eng.